Two roads diverge in a wood: Same destination

Angel protector


My spiritual resume (or things I did for 30 years that may or may not have been a waste of time).  Raised by religious parents.  Learn about Jesus from Dad.  Volunteer for the Red Cross in high school to “do good”.  Study Jungian psychology and world religion.  Study the Bible with Harvard theologian.  Attend a Dalai Lama event in Ithaca. Learn about earth-based pagan religion.  Read Rumi and learn tarot.  Go to India to live in a buddhist monastery.  Become vegetarian and take buddhist vows.  Learn about karma, dharma, and samsara.  Learn to meditate from buddhist masters in vipassana, zen, and Tibetan traditions.  Go deeper in meditation with Tibetan master in Nepal.  Practice yoga.  Learn about quantum physics.  Learn about herbal and naturopathic healing and become vegan.  Attend 10 day silent meditation retreats, rainbow gatherings, and have a home birth.  Watch Dad die from cancer.  Practice attachment parenting, practice reiki.  Fast and cleanse.  Practice improv dance.  Practice massage.  Run and sweat.  Cry and mourn.  Kick the wheels of a lot of churches.  Start praying, a lot.  Learn about Jesus from Bible.  Get married.  Learn more about God from the Bible. Run, sweat, and pray.  Read the Bible…Listen to God…Find peace…Pray

Looking at this list, I realize I learned very little about God being raised in a religion except that as an adult, I realized my father was a deeply spiritual person who was also religious.  I now realize that whatever he had, I want it and want to be part of his legacy.  Exploring the new-agey eastern religion spectrum was useful in that it yielded no fruits other than pointing me back to the Holy Spirit.  The mystery is how God pulls off working within me to push me to want to learn more about Him.  Life was harder “taking the road less traveled” and “it has made all the difference”, like the Frost poem says.  My rebelliousness prompted me forge my own way, but there was a lot of darkness and shady characters. In claiming my father’s legacy, I’m content being led down the path by the hands of God.


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