Massage me

I’m a big softy, actually I’m a little softy, since I’m only 5’3”. Maybe I should say, I’m a big baby. I need massages. Since healing my back post-baby, through Rolfing, yoga, and excercise, my body has become accustomed to getting worked, stretched, and massaged. During the last 20 years, I have learned that I don’t like deep tissue, nor do I like getting a lotion application. There’s a happy middle for me. My muscles need just the right amount of getting worked without being beaten to death.

The importance of finding a good massage therapist cannot be overstated. But where do massage therapists go to get massages? I’m pretty picky and not very loyal if the little details like aromatherapy, hot towels, hot packs, and topical analgesics are overlooked. Of course, if the massage is done by a rock-star, all that is trumped by the winning combination of intuitive touch and knowledge of anatomy.

Some of the better massages I have received were from Terri at milk + honey (downtown); Ginger at Massage Envy (in Westlake); Katia and Delmi at Viva Day Spa (on Lamar).  I’ve had also had noteworthy massages at the Woodhouse.


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