Your crown is your glory

In my junior year of college, I found my first gray hair.  It wasn’t so devastating until 8 years later when I worked in a salon/spa and a stylists told me that I was 30% gray.  Stylists would get a look at my gray roots, shake their heads, and whisk me away to their empty chair to apply color.  Why they gave me this attention was always surprising to me.  Maybe they saw me as a worthy cause, like a diamond in the rough.  Or maybe they felt pity on me as a crunchy granola massage therapist in need of a beauty rescue.  Either way, it was a win for everyone.  In a salon and spa, we are always cross-promoting for the health of our business.

One stylist told me that you should take care of your hair first and foremost.  Above anything else, your hair is your ‘crown”.

Coloring the grays and getting a blow-out can do wonders for knocking a few years off and making your feel like a beauty queen.  I get a lot of compliments the day of and following my monthly root touch-up and blow out with DeeAnne Brown.  You can find her downtown at and you can look at her schedule at


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