Eminence Blueberry Firming Peel

Product/Service Review

I recently had a Blueberry Firming Peel from Shayna Persky at Viva Day Spa and it was probably the happiest my skin has ever looked immediately following a facial – despite the excessive extractions.  I’ve been really good about putting on sunscreen and not so good about taking it off every night, so there were a lot more clogged pores than normal.  The peel is designed to treat dry, mature, and sun-damaged skin but not recommended for rosacea/sensitive skin.

Blueberry Firming Peel contains organic compounds of antioxidant-rich raspberry juice, blueberry juice, blackberry juice and grape extract. It also contains pineapple extract which helps to dissolve proteins, and 10% lactic acid which accelerates cell turnover.  From the ingredient list, you can imagine the delicious smell of the product as it’s applied to your skin – like a fruit smoothie for your face!  The real action happens as the paprika warms the skin and increases surface circulation, allowing for all the goodness to get absorbed and giving you a beautiful glow.

What I love about this product is that it makes your skin tingle, it’s active, exfoliates, and accomplishes a luminous glow hours and hours later.  As I age, I notice that my pores tend to get expanded, my skin is dehydrated, and I’m pasty.  According to cosmetic dermatologist Fredric Brandt, who has practices in Coral Gables, Florida, and New York, over time, we lose estrogen and our pores stretch.  Hormone changes cause skin-cell turnover to slow down.  Decreased cell turnover causes pores to clog and if left alone, the clogs will stretch out the once tiny pore openings.  Hormonal changes also signal the skin to decrease collagen and elastin production, weakening the walls of pores that were once taut, causing them to gape.  This product counteracts these processes naturally, smells good, and gives you luminous skin.  I would definitely want to have this service before a big event or anytime I’m feeling old and pasty.  Get the peel and expert skin care advice from Shayna and buy Eminence products at Viva Day Spa.


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