Ok, so a girl needs to find a spa-home.  What type are you?  Destination or day spa?  I spent a half-day with a girlfriend at Travaasa, which is sort of in-between.  It’s nestled in the wooded hills of North West Austin and not far from 183, but you would never know it once you get out of your car.  We each had spa services, went for a hike on the trail, used the pool facilities, and had lunch.  When we packed up to leave, we both felt revived and ready to take on the world.  It was a total spa experience, and definitely worth the extra money.

Maybe a resort is more your style.  I have several clients who go out to Lake Austin Spa Resort for special occasion spa get-aways.  It’s an award winning spa and the resort is right on the water, I’ve never actually been, but I’ve heard it’s amazing.  Most people I know like going to the day spas around town.  My favorite right now is Viva Day Spa because they have amazing packages that include all the extra details, like sauna time, hot towels, aromatherapy, scrubs, and minty goodness.  Also, you get a free gift bag with the seasonal package!


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