More greens please



Aging is not a graceful process.  Freckles that were once cute now look like ugly splotches and skin that was once plump and fresh is crepey and thinning out.  The good news is that nature provides the nutrients to age luminously, preventing and repairing damage through antioxidants found in foods.  In the June 2013 American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, Richard Roberts, reports on the positive impact of ingesting carotenoids to promote healthy skin.  Living in Texas means getting a lot of sun exposure – even just going from house to the car gives me freckles even though I’m slathered in clear zinc!  He states that the highest levels of the dietary carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, are found in green leafy vegetables and have been clinically proven to protect the skin against photoaging and premature skin aging by diminishing epidermal inflammation and sunburn cell formation. Maybe that’s why all I want in the summer is salads and green smoothies!


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