Acupuncture works as well as counseling for depression


Academy of Oriental Medicine Austin

In the Plos Medical Journal, University of York researchers led by Hugh MacPherson, published results from a randomized controlled trial of non-drug interventions for 755 clinically depressed patients.  Their results suggest that acupuncture and talk therapy given in weekly sessions, were proven to be equally significant in treating depression over a 12 month period with a noticeable benefit occurring at 3 months and 6 months.  This is awesome news for people who don’t like to talk!  I laugh, but it’s true… Ok, talking is a good thing, I like talking, and am a big proponent of talking, but I know some people who just aren’t talkers.  My dad told my mom, pre-divorce, “You can’t make me talk” – he was an introvert, an athlete, somewhat of a health-nut, and a goofball.  Sometimes when life gets hard, you don’t want to focus on the negative by talking about it.  If laying on a table, falling asleep with acupuncture needles can work just as well, then why not?

The Academy of Oriental Medicine (AOMA) is an amazing resource for acupuncture in Austin.  I’ve had success for allergy treatments with them and have heard great results from clients who I’ve referred to AOMA for treating anxiety and depression.


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