Natural tip for lash and brow wellness

Topical use of castor oil for lash and eyebrow wellness from

If you are in the market for lash extensions, skip this post – using oil on extensions is not advised.  If you are recovering from effects of chemo, this may be for you.  I was skeptical about using castor oil on lashes and brows until I read some reviews of users on the Makeup Alley website.  I did some research and found it’s a pretty remarkable substance.  Castor oil is a unique glyceride in that the fatty acid portion is 87-90% ricinoleic acid, which enables the oil’s solubility in alcohol.  It’s actually a seed, not a bean, that can be cold-pressed to release the oil.  The seed casing may sound familiar if you’ve watched Breaking Bad.  But don’t worry, the toxic protein ricin found in the casing is non-transferable to the oil.

Samantha Mill praises its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.  She also notes it won’t congest pores or trigger reactive sensitive skin types.  In addition to the non-comedogenic properties, it’s also a humectant, attracting H2O from the environment and trapping it next to the skin.  She states it effectively pulls dirt from the epidermis and is a great addition to cleansers.  I like the idea of using it as a eye makeup remover.  Additionally, sufferer’s of psoriasis may find comfort in its analgesic properties, the support  in removing flaking skin, and the protection of new skin according to the Natural Skin Revival website.

I’m not crazy for the clumpy mascara look, but I like this video because it’s anecdotal, informative, and love the accent!  I also like how she uses a clean wand each time:


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