Local, in-season, organic veggies, eggs, dairy products, etc. delivered to your home!

Johnson's Backyard Garden Mission Statement

Johnson’s Backyard Garden Mission Statement

Wellness and nutrition go hand in hand.  Eating food that is grown without carcinogens and minimal processing is the best fuel for our bodies to regenerate healthy cells.  Supporting local farmers by eating the fruits of their harvest just makes sense – especially when they make it so easy!  There are a few home-delivery services that I’ve found and listed them for you here.

According to Johnson’s Backyard Garden website, “community supported agriculture is much different than going to the local grocery and buying your vegetables. It is a direct partnership between you the consumer and our farm. CSA members pay in advance for a share of the upcoming harvest and are ensured high-quality local produce, and we the farm are ensured a consistent market. Produce is harvested direct from our fertile and certified organic vegetable fields located along the Colorado River just East of Austin. Immediately after harvest we deliver “CSA shares” to our members’ homes, offices and over 30 community pick-up locations all on the same day.”

The cost of a box of their seasonal harvest delivered to your house is a mere $38 per delivery.  The contents of each week’s box can be found on their home page, and recipes using those items are included in their weekly blogFacebook and Twitter posts. You can see photos of their recent CSA boxes in their Vegetable Guide section of their webpage.

In addition to produce delivery, for a similar price, Farmhouse Delivery in Austin can “supplement your local produce bushel with organic eggs, meat, dairy products, bread, artisanal cheese, sweet treats, and other local specialty items. All of these items are handpicked, locally sourced and team-tasted by some of Austin’s most discerning palates.”  You just order by Friday at noon the week before your bushel is delivered to add these items.  An example of their produce box looks like this:

Seasonal Bushel for the week of Dec. 16th:  Carrots (1 bunch) * Grapefruit (2 count) * Butternut Squash (1 count) * Turnips or Beets (1 bunch) * Radicchio or Cabbage (1 head) * Braising Greens (1 bunch) * Broccoli (1 lb) * Cauliflower (1 head) * Lettuce (1 head)



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