Raw milk benefits vs. risks

German Cow

German cow from Autumn Orion

Medscape medical news reports on an article published online in Emerging Infectious Diseases, that the Minnesota Department of Health, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reports that 17.3% of people who consume raw milk in Minnesota acquired pathogenic-specific infections ranging from e.coli to salmonella.  Seventy-one percent of patients reported that the source of their raw milk was from their own, or a relative’s dairy farm.  Researchers noted that raw milk consumption appears to be on the rise and more education is needed to prevent illness.  It seems to me that consumers need a way to test for pathogens or treat the raw milk like how you can treat water from a stream.  I’ve met people who swear by raw milk, but is the nutrition you potentially gain worth the risk of getting sick?


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