Running: Is it best for weight loss?


© Christopher Nuzzaco

I happily read this article from Runner’s World because it was an affirmation for me to continue on with running, even though sometimes I feel a little anti-social not exercising in a class or gym with other people.  Caitlin Giddings writes that running is a faster way to burn the same amount of calories than walking and is more time-efficient.  Check.  What drew me to run in the first place was the convenience.  It takes 30 minutes to run the Mopac to Lamar loop and requires only a pair of sneakers, shorts, and t-shirt.  Check.  The 3rd reason she gives is the elusive “runner’s high”, once experienced, you never forget and want it again, and again…  Giddings explains that endorphins and endocannabinoids reward an individual with an opioid type rush after moderate to intense exercise.  Aside from what I already knew, she says running is best for weight loss because your resting energy expenditure stays elevated even after your done with your workout.  That is, unless you down a depth charged super-sized protein smoothie after your done. com author, Jenny Sugar, writes that a protein rich post-run snack is essential, but to keep it under 150 calories.  I like eating a handful of soaked almonds and some apple slices or drinking a green smoothie.


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