Recreating eyebrows with make-up video

Here’s another awesome tutorial from EyelinHer blog uploaded to Youtube on May 23, 2011 about “how to use cosmetics to recreate eyebrows lost to alopecia or chemo (or even just over-zealous plucking…)”


The foolproof guide to liquid eyeliner

There is definitely a trick to applying liquid eyeliner and practice makes perfect, so check out this video tutorial about it, “dedicated to…those without lashes and also those with them!”


Parabens explained

This video was published on Oct 28, 2013 by First Coast Oncology.  Scot Ackerman, M.D. discusses what you need to know to keep yourself as chemical free as possible. Follow Dr. Ackerman on Twitter:

According to the Breast Cancer Action website, “Parabens are chemical preservatives that have been identified as estrogenic and disruptive of normal hormone function. Estrogenic chemicals mimic the function of the naturally occurring hormone estrogen, and exposure to external estrogens has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer.”  The FDA deems both BPA and parabens safe in small amounts, but according to Dr. Ackerman, ongoing studies are finding more links with breast cancer.  You can find paraben free products online, at natural grocery stores, or even at Target.  The Breast Cancer Action website has a list of brands that carry paraben-free products.


Look good…feel better

Look Good Feel Better

I’m excited to become a certified provider for the Look Good…Feel Better program.  Look Good…Feel Better is the free, global program that helps women address the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.  Serving over 700,000 women and supported by 14,000 volunteers, it’s a safe place to find support, nurture hope, take control, inspire courage, gain confidence, and lift spirits.

Check out this video:

Eyebrows: A love/hate relationship

Eyebrow pencil tutorial

© Yuri Arcurs

Aging causes changes in our facial features that can be distressing for some older women to the point where they may give up on applying makeup all together.  The goal is to define the good features and keep it simple.  As we age, our eyebrows thin and in some cases there may be no hair growth on the entire brow or sometimes from the mid-arch outward.  The eyebrow is important because it provides the frame for the eyes, “the windows to your soul”.

Step 1:  Find the right shade of eyebrow pencil without going too dark, hold a credit card or brow pencil along the nose and where the brow would naturally begin above the nostril and tear duct and place a dot there. Accommodate for flared or skinny nostrils so that the brow doesn’t start too far or too close.  To make close set eyes appear farther apart, make  sure the dot isn’t past the tear duct.

Step 2:  Then place a dot where the arch would be above the outer edge of the iris (the colored part of your  eye), use the card or pencil to align the edge of your nose with the outer edge of your iris, use your brow bone as a guide.   Finish by holding the credit card at the edge of your nose and the outside corner of your eye, place a dot where the brow should end 1/4 – 1/2 inch past the outer eye.  Stand back and make sure you have 3 dots as a reference point

Step 3:  Create your eyebrow using the dots as a guide, working the pencil outward with short feathering strokes.

Step 4:  If you have eyebrow hair to blend, use a clean mascara wand to soften the pencil lines.  Follow this with some eyebrow powder, using a small angled brush, and set with an eyebrow wax to hold and give some sheen to the eyebrows.

Step 5:  Apply a luminzer to the arch to give an extra lift.